Dallas Acupuncturist Offers a Cool Summer Tip

Watermelon-150x120Dallas Acupuncturist and herbalist Nancy Corsaro, L.Ac. offers a tip for beating the heat this summer with a tasty treat.  It’s watermelon, known in China for centuries to help cool you off in the summer months.  Traditionally used as a food cure for ‘summer heat’ — feeling hot, irritable, thirsty — watermelon actually cools the body.  You don’t need to have such extreme symptoms, though.  Try it when you’re just feeling the heat more than usual, such as during outdoor activities.  It’s also tasty, high in Vitamin C and hydrating.  Eat about a cup twice a day for a few days in a row if you’re really feeling the heat this summer.   Let me know how it works for you!

Dallas Acupuncturist Nancy L. Corsaro is nationally board-certified in acupuncture and is a Chinese herbologist.  East-West Acupuncture is located in Carrollton and serves  the greater Dallas area as well as Carrollton, Addison, Farmers Branch, Lewisville and Plano.