Brandy S., Lewisville
I continue to improve daily! My leg eczema is almost completely gone, and the “other” area is improving as well. My IBS symptoms are few and far between. I only occasionally have a little bloating in the evenings, but not even close to what it was and no pain. Thank you so much for all your help!

Regina B., Plano
I was desperate to have relief from pain on my heel produced by a spur and planter fasciitis. I had suffered for one year under the care of a podiatrist. I had several shots of steroids and one operation. I went to therapy once per week but nothing took the pain and all associated discomfort away. I had not been able to walk for exercise for that year.

A friend suggested I try acupuncture! Had no idea how it worked, had never tried it. During the month of May I went to Nancy for six treatments. At the end of May, I was incredulous about the healing, lack of pain, and wellbeing. This was the “miracle of May” for me. During the summer I was able to walk without limping. Three months after, I am still pain free. I will continue going to acupuncture for tune ups and will continue to be amazed at the results. Thank you Nancy.

Joan L., Carrollton
Recently I had a severe reaction to the pollen in the air, mostly mountain cedar and mold. I am not able to take any antihistamines because of adverse reactions so my doctors were stumped. After a week it was so bad that I could barely walk away from the tissue box and was starting to actually be sick. I finally did try one dose of a nasal spray but had such a severe reaction that I could take no more. I called Nancy and she got me in that day. She did an acupuncture treatment which turned off the severe running sinuses almost immediately and suggested a herbal formula that I can take when needed. It has been several weeks now and I am still good to go. When the pollen count goes up I just take a dose of the herbs and it clears it right up. If I ever have an allergy reaction again I will call Nancy first. Thanks Nancy.

Jay F., Plano, TX
I have had wonderful effects from Nancy’s treatments. From muscle spasms and sprains and mild anxiety, I get relief after treatment. Auricular acupuncture has helped with addiction and cravings – food in my case. This has helped me in my long term life style changes and weight loss goals.

Lisa P., Irving
I have been using Nancy for the last year, and I have had such great progress with my Rheumatoid Arthritis! Treatments on my wrists resolved my issues, and 6 months later, I haven’t had any flare-ups. I still go about every 3 weeks to keep me in gear, and I am eternally grateful! A huge fan – you will definitely enjoy a session with Nancy.

Jessika H., Carrollton, TX
I had a tension headache that was going on almost a month and decided to try acupuncture with Nancy. On my way to my first visit the pain was off the charts and I debated on going in for my appointment or running up to the ER again. During my first visit, within about 15 minutes the pain was cut in half! By the time I left my headache was minimal, almost gone!! That was something the pain killers and migraine pills were not able to ever accomplish.

After my second visit, it was gone. While it came and went for a few days, rating a 1 on the pain scale, it was gone within a week completely and has not come back. I enjoyed my visit with her and have decided to seek treatment for allergy relief. Nancy is the best and I’m so glad to have sought treatment with her.

Yvette V, Carrollton, TX
I decided to try acupuncture as an alternative to all the treatment I was receiving for arthritis and fibromyalgia. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. I have been able to stop two prescriptions and an injection for arthritis as the result of acupuncture. I am able to go for walks once again as my foot pain had gotten so bad before.

I also feel that Nancy Corsaro’s consultation and the time she takes at every session with me is an unbelievable service and care! I would recommend Nancy to anyone, I do tell everyone I meet how much of a difference she has made in my life.

Andrew B, Dallas, TX
I had an issue with my arm where I could not move it at all up or sideways, and it could have easily led to frozen shoulder and would have required long-term therapy, cortisone injections, surgery, etc. (massive medical bills) Instead of going that route I decided after doing some research to visit East-West Acupuncture and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Nancy is incredible, and really works well to figure out the issue and what the proper treatment should be. After leaving her office, I could move my arm up and to the side again and after doing what she suggested I was fully healed in a short amount of time.

Lynn W., Frisco
I have suffered from migraines for over 15 years and have been on and off medications for both prevention and pain relief. However, nothing really helped until Nancy started doing acupuncture on me. Through working with Nancy with acupuncture and herbs, I’ve managed to get the re-occurrence of migraines under control.

Niki W., Dallas
I first looked into acupuncture to treat my chronic fatigue. The treatments always left me with more energy and Nancy was great at helping me determine what I could change in my diet in conjunction with acupuncture to increase my energy. Less than a year later, I no longer suffered from the problem. I have continued working with Nancy for conditions ranging from a foot injury to stress management to a cold. My body feels more balanced and clean as a result. I can’t imagine not using acupuncture now as part of my health care program.