Acupuncture is a covered service in some health plans. Check with your insurer to determine if you have acupuncture coverage. If so, get all the details such as what conditions are covered (back pain, nausea, etc.); co-pays and deductibles; and if you can use any acupuncturist or only in-network acupuncturists.

Please call us to determine if we accept your insurance plan.

Discount Providers
If acupuncture is not a covered service in your health care plan, check your insurer’s website for discount providers. Some insurers have arrangements with health care providers to discount their services for plan participants. This is a discounted price paid by you to the provider, and no claims paperwork is involved.

Flex Pay Benefits
Acupuncture is usually a covered service in “flex pay” health insurance programs to which you contribute. If you participate in this type of program, double-check with the administrator to ensure that funds can be used for acupuncture and/or herbs.

PIP, Workman’s Compensation
Acupuncture can help reduce pain and speed up healing of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents or on-the-job injuries. Acupuncture is often a covered service. Sometimes you need an MD’s referral for acupuncture for Workman’s Compensation claims. Check with the claims person handling your auto accident or Workman’s Comp case as to how to go about having acupuncture covered.